My name is MultiPSthreegamer or Sam! I am a growing Youtuber who posts Dragon ball content. I post Minecraft, roblox, DBFZ, and much more! I also different variety types of content, whether the time of year means more of a variety for me. If you like that kind of content, make sure to subscribe and leave a like on all my videos to help me out! Thanks, and lets become the new Zen-oh


Nice Lily

Lily likes to play with crayons and pencils

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Hello! My name is Datsu or Dan :D The content that can be found on this channel is, Roblox, Minecraft, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Z, Anime and much much more to come in the future! If you are into this kind of stuff then go ahead and subscribe to this channel! The channel is family friendly, no swearing and etc! Make sure you have a great day!


Server Host

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Hello! My name is Deg the content that is uploaded in my channel is alot of things i enjoy in my free time like dragon ball related, league of legends, roblox and much more things if suggested! If you like these kinds of stuff and are interested in more check out my channel! The channel is NOT really family friendly, I am toxic time to time but its for the fun of it Have a wonderful day!