Full Release

Candrom posted Nov 29, 18

Dear players,

As some of you know we were on the Open Beta stage during the late half of the year. We were working on the Full Release of the server (Meaning new map, new quest system, etc), however some hackers decided to attack us and destroy all of the Beta Map. Seeing as how rollbacking the server would get rid of a lot of progress made for the full release we decided to WHITELIST the server in order to finish the full release quicker. We estimate that the server will reopen on late DECEMBER or New Year at most. 

We wish to see you soon!

                                         - Naruto Apollo's Staff Team

Creeper533 It’s New Years, has the upload been postponed? Or is it just staying whitelisted? If so how can I get whitelisted?
Uchiha_TKeng Then how can I play fire shadow Ninja mod?,Who can help me.
CochiseRD21 Eu quero saber como eu entro no sevidor?

Naruto Ninja Life Apollo

Laken posted Apr 18, 18

Naruto Ninja Life Apollo is a minecraft server based on the universe from the anime & manga, Naruto. Our server uses Mathioks's Naruto Anime Mod as a core mod to provide many of the different abilities and tools from the Naruto universe.

We have many features coming to the server soon, such as:

  • More quests in each village that will now give you Jutsu or Skill Points!
  • Daily exams!
  • New event types!
  • Vote crates!
  • More in-game shops!
  • Custom clan techniques!
  • And much more!

To keep up with the latest server updates, make sure to join our discord! We hope you enjoy your time on Naruto Ninja Life Apollo!

Uchiha_TKeng Hello, anybody? I'm a Chinese player. How can I join this server?
Drqgons hi

Show your fighting superiority by fighting the akatsuki in an event tommorow at 7:00 PM EST Timezone!
There will be many rewards given out, to join the event, apply on the discord!

Defeat the 2-tails and become it's Jinchuriki!!
This event only happens one time ever, so join on sunday and have a chance to become the 2-tails Jinchuriki!
The reward obviously includes becoming the 2-tailed jinchuriki and also getting its blue flame release, and many forms including Mattatabi form where you shoot tailed beasts at your opponents dealing massive amounts of damage.
This is truly one of the strongest tailed beast in the game so this is an event you do not want to miss out on, Apply and check out the discord for more info!!

neil1234 hello can i join staff please my server name is neil1234
VonMiller58 How can I get whitelisted on your minecraft server.
LjMadGecko ;-; won't be able to join for 2 tails but I would just enjoy being a helper if you could reply to my app for helper...