Hi everybody! It's your fave owner Kichimura here. Before I start this announcement, the whole staff team and I want to apologize to you, the members of this Discord. Without you guys, we wouldn't be as far as we are right now and we own everything we have to you. Special thanks to everbody who supported the server while it was in whitelist. We want to apologize for the patience that you guys had to sacrifice, and for the final state of the server. We know it didn't live up to expectations and we're terribly sorry. We didn't try hard enough and we let everyone down at the last moment. That aside, we want to continue working on the server and to do that we desperatly need staff. Places available and requirements Magicspells Config: Must be at least Intermediate Rank on the official MS discord MythicMobs Config: Must be decent at MythicMobs(show us an example) BetonQuests Quest Maker: Must be decent at BetonQuests(show us an example) Or be recommended by Caleb & Must be up to date with the MHA Anime(would prefer if you're up to date with the manga) Builder: To be good at copying buildings from the anime/manga, to be fast at your work and to be good at ambiance work and building arenas
Sincerely, -The Staff Team of MHAA
(Credit To
@Stan Getz)

Hello Everyone it's me again, since we're nearing our release date (31st of October) I just wanted to encourage you to apply for being a staff member, we're currently in dire need of Lore Managers that we will offer ingame rewards for Lore Managers who work hard, Our Requirements are:
-Good English(Specifically Grammar)
-To Have Alot Of Experience In Story Writing
-To Have A Friendly But Serious Attitude
-To Do Alot Of Work For The Server With No Slacking Off
-To Have Watched The My Hero Academia Anime

What You're Expected To Do is:
You will basically write the plot of the quests like how the quests should go etc what characters will say and so on so that quest makes can implant them ingame, we'll show you an example.

To write the server lore and any lore related work like lore apps etc and accepting/rejecting them.

To Make Sure Players Follow The Basic RP Rules Ingame.

(Most importantly the quest writing part)

What You Will Get is:

literally anything from the donation store as soon as you work hard enough, you can even get items that cost up to 75$ like the plus ultra character etc, as i said literally anything you want from the store however any item you choose will be given to your main account only(no alts) and you won't be able to give them to other people.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the ping, have a nice day and don't forget to try our server and give us feedback on the 31st of October!

Hey everyone, due to some recent trouble within the staff team, we sadly lost alot of our staff members,

we do need your help now more than ever if you're thinking about applying for a staff position please do.

We are in dire need of the following roles: Builder, Quest-Maker, MS-Configurator, MM-Configurator, Lore Writer.
The Acceptance rate for applying for any of those positions will most likely be lower than usual however we do need YOUR help to take the next big step with this server.
I would love to work with alot of you now more than ever, we need responsible and mature staff members, so if you think you're fit please don't hesitate to apply.
If you want us to check your application faster, DM one of the owners a link to your application, Thanks and have a nice day!